Learning Ukulele At My Own Pace

This week I didn’t have much time to practice, but when I did have the chance to practice for a bit, I continued working on chords and strumming. I am slowly getting the hang of it and am getting better at playing the right chords. Also because of the trouble I was having with strumming with my index finger, I decided to look into ukulele picks. I found a pack of six ukulele felt tips on Amazon for $6.88. They just came in the mail this Monday and I found that I am more comfortable using the pick for strumming. Anyway, here is my progress so far…

Next week I will try and play with the music at the speed of 0.75. I tried this last week, but I found it difficult, so hopefully if I keep practicing I will be able to keep up with the music by next week.


Strumming Away

At the beginning of this week I continued practicing chords. I still get the ukulele and guitar chords mixed up, but not as often as I used to. I also learned the strum to the song. I started with UkuTabs.com being open and a YouTube video of the song open at the same time. I tried to switch between both pages, but that was not working for me. Instead I decided to copy out the chords and lyrics on a piece of paper so I could follow along on that. It was so much easier!

I got part of the strum from UkuTabs.com. DDUUDP (down, down, up, up, down, up) was given for the verse, I just had to figure out how many of each chord I would have to play. I listened to the song a lot, first in increments. I listened to the first fours seconds, then moved onto the verse, then the chorus, then the end of the song. Since the song is fast as well, I listened to it in 0.75 speed to slow it down. I did this by clicking on the settings button beside the mini player button, then switching the speed to 0.75. I also watched a couple of YouTubers play the song. These videos were very helpful as the videos were taped close to the ukulele, so it was easy to follow the strumming and chords. Once I figured out the strumming by listening and watching others, I would write in down on the paper right away. Strumming has been a bit difficult to me as well. This is because I am used to playing the guitar with a pick, and with the ukulele I am trying to strum with my index finger. Because I am not used to this my strumming doesn’t sound the greatest, but it will get there.

Below are the videos I viewed:


Next week I will try and memorize the chords and try to speed up the strumming a bit. And then hopefully the week after that I can begin to play the song at full speed. And I will post a video soon, I promise. I’m a little camera shy…

The Challenge In Learning New Chords

One of the first things I did for this project was find ukulele apps on my phone, I also searched google for the chords to the song I chose, Interlude: Moving On by Paramore. I downloaded two apps, one is called The Ukulele App, the other is Ukulele Tabs. The Ukulele App provides video tutorials and Pro Mode is a one-time fee of $2.99, which means you no longer see ads and can use the Pro Mode features provided on the app. Although this is a cool app, I was not able to find my song. Ukulele Tabs on the other hand does not provide video tutorials but does provide the chords and the lyrics to the song I chose. This app also suggested to add their other apps, Pocket Ukulele Chords as well as Pocket Ukulele Tuner. So far, I have only needed to use the tuner as my ukulele was out of tune. The tuner worked really well and was very helpful. I am very happy with this app! One other thing I did was look up ukulele chords on Google. The site I found called UkuTabs.com is my favorite resource so far. I was able to find my song with the chords and lyrics. I was also provided the strumming pattern by more experienced ukulele players in the comment section.

This week I focused on the chords, which are:

Ukulele Chords from UkuTabs.com

It has been a bit of a challenge remembering these chords as I also play the guitar and often have the instinct to play the guitar version of the chord. As I have found out a guitar C is not the same as a ukulele C. So far, I am just trying to forget about the guitar chords I know while I am playing the ukulele chords, so I don’t get them mixed up. Often, I will be playing the ukulele with the chords right in front of my face thinking about the next chord in the song and without thinking I will automatically try and play a guitar G and not a ukulele G. But I am sure I will get the hang of it soon.

Guitar chords that I get mixed up with the ukulele chords:

B 7 chord diagramC chord diagramD chord digramE minor chord diagramG chord diagram

Guitar chords from Guitar Chords World


The Learning Begins!

Throughout this semester I will be participating in a learning project. For this project I chose to learn the ukulele. I was gifted a ukulele on Christmas a year ago and have not learnt how to play yet. I figured this would be the perfect time to start learning. I am tasked to learn with online resources only, so I chose a song by a favorite band of mine. Using online resources, I intend to learn “Interlude Moving On” by Paramore. I will attempt to learn this song by learning the chords, the strumming pattern, the verses, the lyrics, and hopefully I will eventually be able to sing along while I play. I will try and post some videos of my attempts to learn this song, but not every post will have a video of me demonstrating what I have learned. I am not sure how this will turn out and am very nervous about having to post videos of myself playing the ukulele, but I will try my best!

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