Strumming Away

At the beginning of this week I continued practicing chords. I still get the ukulele and guitar chords mixed up, but not as often as I used to. I also learned the strum to the song. I started with being open and a YouTube video of the song open at the same time. I tried to switch between both pages, but that was not working for me. Instead I decided to copy out the chords and lyrics on a piece of paper so I could follow along on that. It was so much easier!

I got part of the strum from DDUUDP (down, down, up, up, down, up) was given for the verse, I just had to figure out how many of each chord I would have to play. I listened to the song a lot, first in increments. I listened to the first fours seconds, then moved onto the verse, then the chorus, then the end of the song. Since the song is fast as well, I listened to it in 0.75 speed to slow it down. I did this by clicking on the settings button beside the mini player button, then switching the speed to 0.75. I also watched a couple of YouTubers play the song. These videos were very helpful as the videos were taped close to the ukulele, so it was easy to follow the strumming and chords. Once I figured out the strumming by listening and watching others, I would write in down on the paper right away. Strumming has been a bit difficult to me as well. This is because I am used to playing the guitar with a pick, and with the ukulele I am trying to strum with my index finger. Because I am not used to this my strumming doesn’t sound the greatest, but it will get there.

Below are the videos I viewed:


Next week I will try and memorize the chords and try to speed up the strumming a bit. And then hopefully the week after that I can begin to play the song at full speed. And I will post a video soon, I promise. I’m a little camera shy…


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  1. I am enjoying your progress so far, great work!! I like how you provided the videos that you have watched. A thought for next time is to maybe add links to the websites you were using as well, for example the link to so people can easily access the site! I look forward to seeing a video of you playing!


  2. I am working on strumming right now with the banjo, as I mentioned in one of my other comments, and I am not a smooth strummer yet either. I have full confidence in both of us though!


  3. Hey Andrea,

    The guitar and the ukulele — so similar yet so different. I can relate to the struggles you’re having with strumming due to the similarities and differences between strumming on a guitar and strumming on a ukulele. Although I have never had that exact problem (I’ve never played a ukulele before) when it comes to drawing, I have always been taught to hold a pencil a certain way, but now I am taking a drawing class where the prof makes us hold our pencils completely different! You really have to concentrate when you alter the way of doing something that you have been doing differently for so long. Despite the challenge you’re facing with strumming, I know you will succeed! You are clearly motivated and have been practicing so keep up the good work.

    In terms of your blog, everything is still looking really nice! I love that you posted the youtube videos that you used. I do however agree with Sarah. I think that if you hyperlink the websites that you are using, as well as anything else that can be sourced back to a website, then that will really enhance your reader’s experience. Nonetheless, awesome job!



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