The Challenge In Learning New Chords

One of the first things I did for this project was find ukulele apps on my phone, I also searched google for the chords to the song I chose, Interlude: Moving On by Paramore. I downloaded two apps, one is called The Ukulele App, the other is Ukulele Tabs. The Ukulele App provides video tutorials and Pro Mode is a one-time fee of $2.99, which means you no longer see ads and can use the Pro Mode features provided on the app. Although this is a cool app, I was not able to find my song. Ukulele Tabs on the other hand does not provide video tutorials but does provide the chords and the lyrics to the song I chose. This app also suggested to add their other apps, Pocket Ukulele Chords as well as Pocket Ukulele Tuner. So far, I have only needed to use the tuner as my ukulele was out of tune. The tuner worked really well and was very helpful. I am very happy with this app! One other thing I did was look up ukulele chords on Google. The site I found called is my favorite resource so far. I was able to find my song with the chords and lyrics. I was also provided the strumming pattern by more experienced ukulele players in the comment section.

This week I focused on the chords, which are:

Ukulele Chords from

It has been a bit of a challenge remembering these chords as I also play the guitar and often have the instinct to play the guitar version of the chord. As I have found out a guitar C is not the same as a ukulele C. So far, I am just trying to forget about the guitar chords I know while I am playing the ukulele chords, so I don’t get them mixed up. Often, I will be playing the ukulele with the chords right in front of my face thinking about the next chord in the song and without thinking I will automatically try and play a guitar G and not a ukulele G. But I am sure I will get the hang of it soon.

Guitar chords that I get mixed up with the ukulele chords:

B 7 chord diagramC chord diagramD chord digramE minor chord diagramG chord diagram

Guitar chords from Guitar Chords World



2 thoughts on “The Challenge In Learning New Chords

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  1. Looks like your on the path to success! That’s awesome that you’ve found multiple useful resources to use. For my own learning project (guitar), I’ve only found one useful app, being Yousician, but have found YouTube videos to be quite helpful as well when I’m struggling with a new skill. Any resource suggestions as a more experienced guitar player?


  2. It looks like you are off to a great start! I am working on strumming patterns for the banjo right now in my learning project and I struggle with remembering them from day to day. Any suggestions? I think it is awesome that so many of us have picked instruments and can learn together!


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