RSS Sites – How Have I Not Heard Of These…

Before this class I had never used twitter before. I was really concerned about what I would tweet about and where I would find my resources. I had no idea that there were RSS sites (short for Really Simple Syndication – to gather headlines from sites and either feed them directly to your computer or app automatically or place them at a website you view online) like Feedly, Digg, or Inoreader out there until now. I am so glad I have learned about these sites, as it is so easy to find topics that you are interested in. I chose to sign up for each RSS site, as I wanted a variety of sources.

On Feedly the sources I accumulated were mostly due to searching up the word’s education and educational technology. Then I would scroll through the list of sources. The sources with the most likes were the ones I would investigate further, and if I liked what the recent articles in the sources were about, I would then proceed to add the source to my feed. After adding a source, Feedly would automatically suggest related sources to add as well, which was very helpful. I have also recently found some good Feedly sources by reading others blog posts.

Digg in my opinion was a little more difficult to use. It seemed like there were only separate articles that you could save, and I liked the idea of the feed containing multiple articles on Feedly, for me Feedly was easier to use and more convenient.

For the other RSS sites, I just searched and added education resources. For Inoreader, I decided to use it for personal and educational subscriptions. I have added personal subscriptions like food, music, books, movies, photography, news about Canada, and others. The educational subscription on Inoreader that I have found the most useful is Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I found it by searching up educational technology, then clicking on the feeds button at the top of the page. It had the most subscribers and posts twelve articles a week. I have already posted two articles from Inoreader and I have only had it for a day.

I am not used to posting much on social media and having an RSS site which is easy to use and has the resources I am looking for is great! These sites are extremely helpful and have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders!


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