The Learning Begins!

Throughout this semester I will be participating in a learning project. For this project I chose to learn the ukulele. I was gifted a ukulele on Christmas a year ago and have not learnt how to play yet. I figured this would be the perfect time to start learning. I am tasked to learn with online resources only, so I chose a song by a favorite band of mine. Using online resources, I intend to learn “Interlude Moving On” by Paramore. I will attempt to learn this song by learning the chords, the strumming pattern, the verses, the lyrics, and hopefully I will eventually be able to sing along while I play. I will try and post some videos of my attempts to learn this song, but not every post will have a video of me demonstrating what I have learned. I am not sure how this will turn out and am very nervous about having to post videos of myself playing the ukulele, but I will try my best!


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  1. The ukulele and the banjo (my chosen learning project skill) go hand in hand! I am excited to compare notes as we move forward with our instruments.


  2. Love this idea! I’m Learning the guitar for my project and am finding it challenging so far. I didn’t even think about a ukulele until researching YouTube videos for guitar and coming across a few beginner ukulele lessons. I wish I would of went more in this direction as it would have been a good stepping stone to guitar, and their so cute! I’m using Yousician to learn guitar and noticed they just added a ukulele option to the app. I, finding it really helpful so far and it’s fun as well. The first two weeks are a free trial but after that I believe it’s $12 a month. Totally worth it though!


  3. Andrea,

    I think you have chosen a super fun task for your Learning Project! When I was in ECMP 355 I chose to learn Spanish. Let me tell you, that was a bad idea; or at least it was a bad idea for me. I struggled really hard and never spoke Spanish again after the course was over. In the end, I regretted not learning a musical instrument, so when I had to learn to play the guitar for my EMUS 202 class, I was ecstatic. I used an app on my iPad ( I wish I remember what it was called) which was super helpful and easy to use. That was two years ago and I still play my guitar to this day!

    I hope you stick with it and wish you the best of luck!



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